Worship and Praise Lyrics

Worship and Praise Lyrics is brought to you by Eznetsoft SJ. It is a dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ. This software is brought to the Christian community to help them Worship using the standard Hymns.  All the great songs for your daily worship.

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Over 4000 Hymns Lyrics and Tunes/Music. You also install the Pro version of the App, it contains a lot more hymn books, music and is free from advertising.
Book Included in this release:

  • Perfect Mix (over 590 songs) English of Great old gospels and contemporary songs.
  • Popular and traditional songs (English)
  • Himnario Adventista 1962 (Espanol)
  • Christian Hymns
  • Hymnes et Louanges
  • Chants D'Esperance (Francais/Creole);
  • Melodie Joyeuse (Francais/Creole)
  • Reveillons-Nous (Francais/Creole)
  • La Voix du Reveille
  • Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumiere
  • Echo Des Elus
  • Reveillons-Nous Chretiens
  • L'Ombre du reveil

Features that are worth mentioning:
  • Offline access to hundreds of Traditional Songs (English, French, Spanish and Creole)
  • Add to Favorites: You have the ability to select Individual songs you like and add them to your favorites
  • Sort the Song List of a particular book alphabetically or by numbers.
  • Ability to download all the music so you can listen without the need of Internet access.
  • Email of Song Lyric to yourself.  You can take advantage of our growing database to email Lyrics to yourself right from our App.

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