Chants D'Esperance with TunesApp contains all 9 hymn books and One bonus English Hymn book:
Chants D'Esperance, Melodies Joyeuse, Reveillons-Nous, La Voix du Reveil, Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumiere, Echo Des Elus, Gloire a l'Agneau, Reveillons-nous Chretiens, L'Ombre du Reveil.
+Easy to use and Optimized for Smartphones and Tablet
+ Listen to the Tune of some Lyrics... 
+ Send or share Lyrics via Emails
+ Add to Favorites, You can create your own favorite list of songs/lyrics. 

In addition to one bonus traditional hymn book in English, the App showcases all 9 hymn books in French and Creole: Chants D'Esperance, Mélodies Joyeuse, Reveillons-Nous, La Voix du Réveil, Haiti Chante Avec Radio Lumière, Echo Des Elus, Gloire a l'Agneau, Reveillons-nous Chrétiens, L'Ombre du Réveil.

Other Features include: Chants D'Esperance with Tunes provides you access to all the lyrics of the songbook Chants D'Esperance.
Some Tunes are also included with the Lyrics so you can learn and help you worship. As new books, lyrics or tunes become available, you can update the App catalog.

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Chants D'Esperance for Android
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